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A mum who has decorated her Christmas tree ready for Halloween has shared her efforts online and people can’t wait to follow suit.

Louise Pinnegar decorated her black tree with spooky lights, tinsel and ornaments to celebrate the spooky day.

The mum of three posted a picture of the tree onto the Family lockdown Tips and Ideas Facebook page

And the 33-year-old was quickly inundated with hundreds of messages from like-minded mums who loved her tree.

Some even shared their own pictures of their Halloween trees, the Daily Record reports.

Louise said: “I absolutely love Halloween and I’ve celebrated it for many years, so this year I have decorated my first ever Halloween Tree.”

Louise’s post prompted other mums to share their own Halloween trees, whilst others said after seeing them, they were heading out to buy a tree and decorations to get their own tree up at home.

One said: “I hate Halloween but must admit that your Halloween tree is wow.”

Another said: “Looks amazing well done I am also doing this! However I’m using two little white trees.

A third added: “Absolutely loving your tree!! then you can just take the Halloween decs off and stick the Christmas 1s on.”

While another mum said she simply couldn’t wait for Christmas to arrive, adding: “Everyone needs some joy and Christmas spirit so I actually put my tree up on Monday.”

Louise revealed that during lockdown she had decorated an NHS-themed tree to thank key workers during the grip of the pandemic.

It is not the first time people have shared their halloween trees.

Back in 2018 Leigh Flaherty, from Liverpool, decorated her tree with a halloween theme after her husband told her it was too early to put her Christmas tree up.

Leigh had decided to upgrade the family’s decorations before trying them out in October.

The excited mum-of-five wanted to keep them up until December 25, but partner Ed, 39, said it was too early.

The Flaherty family, from Kirkby, Liverpool, decided to upgrade their decorations and try them out in October, the Liverpool Echo reported.

Excited mum-of-five Leigh wanted to keep them up until December 25.

So Leigh decided to take the Christmas decs off and dress the tree for Halloween instead.